Fetish Dating Site

Fetish dating sites, they seem to be popping up everywhere, so how are we different? Well, firstly, we're not actually a dating site - we are more of a fetish community, we offer the same features a dating site offer; member profiles, member photos, messaging and a search facility. But that's where the similarities stop. We're a fetish community, where our members engage with one another to chat, share experiences and meet. We have live chat, which really helps when you don't want to hang around waiting for a response for days like you do on dating sites. Our members share photos, either privately or to the community, which is great if you're looking for fresh inspiration for a new scene. Sometimes photos are not enough, so our users can also share video content. The community is made up of a mix of submissives and Dominants. If you're interested in discovering new fetish nichesit's an idea place. If you want to get into the fetish lifestyle try speaking with others in the community. Search for a Dominant, orsub by filtering your fetish interests. Once you have found a Dominant or sub you are interested in and have spoken to, arrange to meet, and playout your wildest fantasies!

Fetish Meets

You're either new to the fetish lifestyle and want to meet a Dominant, or you're a well-seasoned Dominant or experienced sub - what next? What can you expect?
If you are new to the fetish world, you may or may not know exactly what you're looking for, and that's fine - it can take you awhile to find your feet. When you join Subs-And-Doms.com as a full member you’ll have access to our community, it's a great place to talk to Dominants and subs about your options, and different areas of the fetish world. Maybe you want to be an adult fun submissive, so you'll need to speak to Dommes and other adult fun submissives to discover what's involved if you don't already know. Maybe you want to meet a Dominatrix, or Dom. You may be interested in foot worship, whatever takes your fancy, you will discover people who share the same interest.
Some submissives in our fetish community have 2 Dominants, though this sounds like a lot to handle, some submissives are able to make this work, so if you want to meet another Dominant, or just want to try something new, then that is totally possible. For Dominants who are looking for sub's you will find our community full of subs near you looking for a Dominant.

Fetish Chat

Like everything in the fetish lifestyle, communication is king, so spend time chatting to potential Dominants and subs, get to know each other before you meet. Once you join our fetish site, you'll see we have plenty of ways to chat; live chat room, send private or public messages, send photos and videos. Make use of the chat facilities at Subs-And-Doms.com. If you're a Dominant, it's an idea to upload photos of some previous scenes, and when a sub reaches out to you, let them know what you do and what you will not do. Let a submissive know what to expect. Your fetish chat adventure is about to start. Register for free and look around, there's always going to be something going on, people taking about their experience, they're stories. Discover countless fetish surprises waiting for you!