find a femdom

Where for art thou Mistress? How to find a Femdom

Are you desperately seeking a Dominatrix to punish you? Do you want to relinquish control to an unforgiving Mistress? If those questions have you positively salivating at the thought of such submissive weakness then it's time you started exploring the Femdom community to find your bedroom boss. But how do you find Femdom near you?
what is femdom

To honour and obey: What is Femdom?

Femdom is short for Female Domination. Femdom covers a constellation of BDSM activities in which the female is the dominant partner. Dominant females may refer to themselves as a "Dominatrix", "Mistress", "Lady", "Madame" or "Goddess".
BDSM games

Let the games begin!

Whether you’re a newbie or a BDSM dating veteran, introducing games into your sex life can really help spice things up. They can also be a great communication tool. Playing with your partner is always time well spent, here are some of our faves.
kink in Corona

Kink in the time of Corona

Thanks to the Coronavirus and the sweeping global pandemic, our lives have been turned upside down. Sex has always been a great stress reliever and mood booster, but as we scramble to adjust to our new ‘normal’, lockdown has become the ultimate chastity device. Dry January? Try a year with no action, there’s practically a desert in our pants.
fetish and fantasy

Fetish and Fantasy: A kinky list from A-Z

As you delve into the world of BDSM you’ll find lots of things you’re into and lots of things you aren’t. Just because someone you’ve met through online dating likes sucking toes doesn’t mean you have to let them suck yours if it makes you uncomfortable.
BDSM dating online

How to stay safe when BDSM dating online

BDSM dating sites are the perfect places to find a love that satisfies the heart as well as kinky sexual desires. According to research, 1 in 5 relationships now begins with online dating. While the online kink community is a safe and welcoming place to be, you’re as vulnerable to scammers, trolls and sexual predators (not the good kind) as you are on any online platform.
BDSM naughty hotels

6 Naughty Hotels To Take Your BDSM Date To

So you've found the perfect sub to your dom, most likely on right? (*wink wink*) The beauty of online dating means that at some point you're going to meet in person which adds a whole new level of anticipation and excitement. Why not celebrate your kinky compatibility with a wild overnight stay? After all, sex is always better away from home.
BDSM safe words

Stop, no, don't stop! The importance of having a safe word

Regardless of having met via a BDSM dating site, in real life or vanilla online dating, at some point you’ll be discussing your kinky interests (see How to tell your date you’re into BDSM.) Whether you’re having sex for the first or fiftieth time, discussing use of safe words is an important part of BDSM pre-communication. But why are they important?
kinky BDSM

So how kinky are you? How to tell your date you’re into BDSM

As we all know, it can be TOUGH out there in the dating world. Finding the perfect match can be exasperating especially if you also want someone who enjoys a bit of kink in the bedroom. Using an online dating app conveniently allows you to discover many more people than you could in real life. But even when you’ve finally found someone you connect with, how and when do you discuss your BDSM desires?
beginners guide to BDSM

Kickstart Your Kink: A Beginners Guide To BDSM

So, you want to (s)explore the erotic. Do leather or PVC clad bodies get you all excited? Perhaps the idea of completely surrendering yourself to somebody else makes you weak at the knees. Whips, chains and heels oh my! Whatever your ‘kink’ may be, if you’re new to the world of BDSM you’re going to need some pointers to ensure your time in the fetish playground is safe and of course, fun.
create perfect BDSM dating profile

The secrets to creating a perfect BDSM dating profile

There are many ways to connect with people in the BDSM scene, but by far the easiest and most accessible is via online dating sites such as They’re a great way to fasttrack a few initial relationship hurdles that may crop up in real life such as telling someone you’re into BDSM in the first place. But with millions of users all over the world seeking partners online too, how do you make sure you stand out from the kinkster pack?
BDSM toys and equipment

Best places to buy BDSM toys and equipment

Whether you’re a distinguished dom or a BDSM beginner, the sheer variety of practises within the scene means there’s a toy or piece of equipment designed to enhance every possible type of play, whoopee! Variety is the spice of (a good sex) life afterall! Shopping for sex toys can be almost as daunting however as getting into BDSM dating. So where to begin?
sexy stocking fillers

30 sexy stocking fillers for your kinky single friends

Make being single fun this Christmas by gifting your friends cheeky and sexy presents to boost their BDSM dating desires (and they won’t cost the earth.)