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Written by: Jenny Woodward BDSM games

9 kinky games to play with your other half

Whether you’re a newbie or a BDSM dating veteran, introducing games into your sex life can really help spice things up. They can also be a great communication tool. Playing with your partner is always time well spent, here are some of our faves.

1. Blind Man's Buff

Get your partner to blindfold you (preferably whilst both in the buff if it’s warm enough!) and get them to slowly run various objects over your skin. Maybe your dominatrix could introduce a spank for every wrong guess?

2. Tangle teaser

Naked Twister is always a fun foreplay game for getting up-close and personal. A strict no touching policy will help heighten arousal. For added kink try oiling yourselves up first, the first to fall will be punished!

3. The perfect pair

Perfect for online BDSM dating and sub dom power play lovers. The sub photographs all of their underwear and sends it to their dominant. Every morning the dom will message their submissive which pair to wear. The submissive then sends photographic proof within the hour. Make sure the underwear is super sexy, no grey baggies here please.

4. Four-play

Grab a deck of cards and give each of the suits an action. E.g hearts equal kissing, clubs equal spanking, you get the idea. Take turns to draw a card from the pack and the number on the card equals the number of seconds spent on the sexy act. This teasingly slow game of foreplay should leave both hungry for more.

5. Bedtime story

Pick a day where you read a story, only make sure it’s erotic fis domction. Put on your most seductive voice and take turns being the storyteller. Focus on the steamiest scenes. Bet you can’t make it to the end!

6. Follow the leader

This silent erotic game requires two (or more!) naked participants and a mirror you can see each other in. You take in turns to be the leader, who touches the other. The follower must mirror the leader and return the same action/touch on them. Try holding eye contact in the mirror only.

7. Get digital

Get kinky with the Kindu app designed to empower couples and help them explore their desires. A great way to communicate fantasies without fear of rejection or actually having to say it out loud.

8. Hide and seek

Next time your partner comes home, leave your undressed pile of clothes by the door with a note saying you’re hiding somewhere naked. A sure-fire way to set the adrenaline pumping. We think these sexy post-its make the perfect love notes.

9. Strip Scrabble

Regular Scrabble, but using dirty words only. Lowest scoring word each round has to remove an item of clothing. It won’t be a long game...

Everyone's a winner

Exploring your sexuality and eroticism with a partner is a wonderful way to bring you both closer and heighten arousal. When it comes to sex games, everyone’s a winner!

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