What Is Sissy Dating?

Does the thought of men or women staring at your panties excite you? Do you like feeling girly and pretty while people admire you? Then you're at the right place.

Not all Sissies are gay: some just like to dress up as a girl and role play. For some it's pure fantasy, whereas for others it's a central part of their lives that defines how they behave and their relationships. There are a lot of different shades of sissification and the important thing is that everyone gets to have fun.

If you are a Sissy that likes to have admirers, you're going to find some with Subs-And-Doms.com. If you love to go quite deep into your role play and be sent to bed with no dinner or to be spanked, you'll find that too. If you want someone to brush your hair while you sit on their lap, join now. If you just want to dress up and sit around with all the other pretty Sissies and compare outfits, that's fine too!

We've created a community that welcomes all types of Sissy and Dominants, and above all we expect all of our members to respect each other, even if their play involves a subservient relationship. Whether you are a bottom or a top, you can make clear what you are looking for and find the right partner for you. Subs-and-Doms is a great place to meet other Sissies or Doms. We offer a very high level of customer service and do a lot of work to ensure our members are genuine and to maintain a safe but exciting environment. You can also rest assured that we offer a high level of security and discretion and that you'll never see Subs-And-Doms.com appear on your bank statement.

Sissy Training For A Sissy Boy Or Baby

Sometimes the most fun comes from the build-up. Being trained as a Sissy to do non-sexual tasks like cleaning the house, making dinner and ironing under the watchful eye of your Dominant for a couple of hours builds the tension... before being forced to perform oral sex or whatever is required. Sissy maid training is very popular for this reason, as it requires complete subservience and the Sissy is forced to wear a skimpy maid outfit before getting to work. The maid must at all times obey orders and accept humiliation. This is a scene that develops over time and a newbie Sissy needs to be trained to know not only how to follow orders but also how to do their makeup and choose outfits that accentuate their body shape in the most feminine way possible. Getting the right match in terms of a partner is the key thing, but getting accustomed to each other's turn-ons is important too.

One of my ultimate fantasies is being caught by my mother-in-law in one of my outfits. Being made to sit on her knees in a silk dress, with my hair in ponytails as she looks at me in shock. The embarrassment, the excitement. Will she spank me because she's disappointed in me or will she take pity on me and give me a hug? Either one is good by me.

Sissy baby is a sub scene which is growing massively. It's not for everyone as it takes things to a higher level (did someone say nappies?!). You generally have to be a diaper lover to enjoy this scene but some people do have rules about only number 1s, no number 2s!

At Subs-and-Doms.com, we have one of the largest Sissy meet communities in the world, and it's a great place to meet a Sissy or a Dominant. If you are new to the scene, don't worry. There are plenty of members who will be happy to train you.

Meet A Sissy For Feminization and Cross Dressing

It should be clear now that feminisation is at the heart of this scene. Looking feminine is part of it but it's more about behaviour. Appearing slightly demure (or sometimes petulant). Cross dressing is vital to appearing like a woman, and choosing the right outfit for your Sissy can be a very erotically charged event. Some relationships involve shopping for the outfits together and this can be very fun.

Many people engage in forced feminization (which is not really forced!). This is a type of role play where an ostensibly straight male-identified partner is 'forced' to dress up as a woman and may be forced to perform sexual acts. This can involve pegging and bondage, but this depends on what has been agreed. At Subs-And-Doms we have a strict policy that any 'forcible' roleplay fantasy is discussed clearly beforehand by the parties and that the scope is agreed as well as a safe word to end the activity. As with all BDSM, both parties must always be consenting and enjoying the experience.

Aftercare can be important if a feminization session has been intense. Both partners can need to calm down and reset their emotions before going back out into the world. This is why you need to be careful who your first partner is, as someone who is considerate to your safety is a must, regardless of how rough the play is. Aftercare can be one of the best parts of feminisation, as the caring sensation can contrast beautifully with what's just happened. You should also discuss each session to make sure you both feel good and learn about what worked and what didn't.