BDSM is a fun kink based around dominance, subservience, a little pain, and a lot of pleasure. But one of the most important aspects of BDSM is safety and trust. You have to be able to have faith in the person you are with that they will keep you safe, and vice versa. But as well as having that trust in your partner, we want you to have trust in, and here’s how we try to make sure that your experience is as safe and secure as possible!

You might have stumbled across our site by searching for such terms as ‘mistress near me’, ‘femdom near me or ‘dominatrix near me’, but now that you’re here we’re going to do our utmost to not only find you exactly what you need but also provide you with an amazing experience while doing it.

Is signing up to safe?

Of course! We take what we do seriously, and just like any other company we aim to do it right! We run a tight ship and we ensure that we treat all of our members equally and their data with great discretion. You are of course there for a good kinky time filled with BDSM and all sorts of fun things, but at the end of the day we’re very conscious that you will want peace of mind that your information and data is being treated with the respect and privacy it deserves. We keep data secure and don’t share it with any third parties in order to avoid losing the trust of our valued customers.

Never fear about making payments

We know that in their normal, everyday lives our members work hard to earn their money, and as such parting with it on a site such as might cause them a little concern. What if the payment isn’t secure? What if they are being scammed? What if they can’t cancel? Well luckily we’re here to allay all those fears when it comes to payments. We strive to keep any payment details provided well and truly safe, and cooperate fully with you and the issuing banks should any problems arise. BDSM can involve a little pain, but it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet!

Dealing with fake profiles one scammer at a time

We understand that femdom dating or finding your way into the voluptuous femdom community isn’t always easy, and when you’re embarking upon your journey you don’t want to be taken in and taken advantage of by scammers hidden behind fake profiles. That’s why we make it easy to report fake profiles and scam artists that we will then look into as a matter of urgency and deal with them appropriately.

We hope we have been able to put to bed and worries, fears or woes you have about using The safety, privacy and wellbeing of our vast and varied community is important to us, and we take it seriously so you don’t have to worry and can instead get down to having some fun!